Gemini Jr or II 9"x6" 4 Plate Bundle - Double-Sided 2pk, Cutting, Metal

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These plates with work with either the Gemini Junior or the Gemini II Machine. Included in this bundle:

  • White Cutting Plate x 2
  • Metal Cutting Plate
  • Double-Sided Die (Carbon Fiber) Plate 2 pc pk

The White Cutting Plate is the base to almost every die-cutting and embossing sandwich. This plate, sized to fit perfectly in the Gemini II or Jr Machine, can be paired up with every other plate to provide a sturdy foundation to pass through the opening.

The Metal Cutting Plate has been designed to add an extra layer into your sandwich, allowing the Gemini II or Jr to add more pressure to cut out the most delicate of dies. By using these plates, you'll find that one pass through the machine is all you need!

Created from thicker plastic than a regular cutting plate, the Double-Sided Die Cutting Plates are designed specifically for our Gemini or Jr Machine and to withhold more pressure, promising longevity in your plates.

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