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Crafters Companion Glue Pen Set (3PK)

Get ready to glow and create metallic effects with ease using the Crafter’s Companion Glue Pen Set.

For gilded lettering, tiny foiled embellishments and glittery designs, the Crafter’ Companion Glue Pen set is ideal. Designed for precise and intricate glue application, the kit includes three glue pens in different nib sizes, so you can write, draw and doodle with ease before adding your shimmering finish! 

The specialist formulation of this glue ensures that when applications of the glue have dried, the glue stays tacky for a very long time.  It also has a blue appearance when applied so you can see your lettering or design on the page. 

Simply pick the pen that’s perfect for your project! The ballpoint pen can be used to add precise, delicate details, the bullet nib can be used for a slightly wider application and the chisel nib has an angled nib that makes it ideal for adding borders. 

Crafter’s Companion Glue Pens are perfect to use with so many mediums including foil and glitter. 

The precise application of Glue Pens also make them great for any project. Add tiny dots or lines of adhesive, exactly to the spot you need to secure in place with no mess!

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